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July 18, 2018 Ticks By Mail - Scientists ask volunteers to share their ticks.
July 17, 2018 Cancer vs. Cancer - Turning cancer cells into cancer-fighting machines.
July 16, 2018 Lost Whales - Whales used the Mediterranean as breeding grounds during ancient Roman times.
July 13, 2018 Drumming Cockatoos - Researchers discover that cockatoos use sticks and seed pods to drum out rhythms on tree limbs.
July 12, 2018 Tracking Kissing Bugs - Miniature transmitters help scientists track a blood-sucking pest.
July 11, 2018 Spider Ballooning - Spiders sail through the air on electrical currents.
July 10, 2018 Lego Nerve Gas Detector - Chemists design a mobile, affordable nerve gas detector out of Lego bricks.
July 9, 2018 Orangutan Resilience - Orangutans may be more resilient to human disturbance than once thought.
July 6, 2018 North American Dogs - What happened to ancient American dogs, and where did they come from in the first place?
July 5, 2018 Moral Stimulation - Electricity may charge up our moral character.
July 4, 2018 Oral Insecticides - An oral pesticide could turn the tables on biting insects.
July 3, 2018 Microbial Protein Feed - Could microorganisms be the key to producing more sustainable protein for the growing human population?
July 2, 2018 Lifespan Limits - When it comes to lifespan, do humans have a fixed finish line?
June 29, 2018 Small Town Archaeology - A town square offers a trove of archaeological discoveries.
June 28, 2018 eDermis - Synthetic skin can restore a richer sense of touch to prosthetic limb users.
June 27, 2018 Anteater Diet - How giant anteaters get enough food into their tiny mouths to survive.
June 26, 2018 Songbird Culture - How a small songbird’s cultural traditions persist for more than a thousand years.
June 25, 2018 Daily Tweet Cycle - Can tweets reveal how thoughts and moods shift throughout the day?
June 22, 2018 North American Sea - The enormous sea that once covered North America formed more recently than was thought.
June 20, 2018 Disoriented Alzheimer’s - Research into the brain's compass may help diagnose and treat Alzheimer's disease.
June 19, 2018 Stem Cell Umbrellas - Pigmented cells shade blood producing cells from sun damage in the kidneys of fish.
June 18, 2018 Bees Smell Flowers - Flowers produce invisible smell patterns on their surfaces to lure bees in.
June 15, 2018 Night Shift Animals - Many mammals avoid humans by seeking the cover of night.
June 14, 2018 Water from Power Plants - Engineers harvest freshwater from power plants.
June 13, 2018 Sleeping Fur Seals - How fur seals' unusual pattern of REM sleep helps sleep researchers.
June 12, 2018 Minority Opinion Persuasion - How many voices does it take to effect change?
June 11, 2018 Pollution, Fungi, and Trees - Pollution could be short-circuiting a mutualistic relationship between trees and fungi.
June 8, 2018 Bats & Pitcher Plants - The echo of a pitcher plant helps bats find safety and helps the plant get food.
June 7, 2018 Bombardier Beetle Engineering - The secret behind a beetle’s ability to shoot rapid pulses of high temperature toxins.
June 6, 2018 Bacteria-Busting Robot - Researchers design tiny robots to battle antibiotic-resistant bacteria.
June 5, 2018 Low-Impact Eating - A new report details the impacts of foods and how they're produced.
June 4, 2018 Biohybrid Robot - Merging living muscle with synthetic bones.
June 1, 2018 Ingestible Medical Sensors - A capsule combines engineered bacteria and microchips to monitor the GI tract.
May 31, 2018 Crops and Climate Change - High levels of CO2 may reduce levels of crop nutrients.
May 30, 2018 Baby Translator - A new app helps parents interpret the meaning of their babies' cries.
May 29, 2018 Green-Blooded Lizards - Some lizards thrive despite a toxic pigment that turns their blood green.
May 28, 2018 Chimpanzee Nest Microbes - Are ape beds cleaner than ours?
May 25, 2018 Brain Gaming - A video game helps neuroscientists discover new types of brain cells.
May 24, 2018 Wet Plastic - Why do some things dry in the dishwasher while others stay stubbornly wet?
May 23, 2018 Malaria Odor - Distinctive odor compounds may help doctors find out who is infected with malaria.
May 22, 2018 Our Insect-Eating Ancestors - What did our mammalian ancestors eat during the age of the dinosaurs? The answer might bug you.
May 21, 2018 Sea Snail Memory Transfer - What if you could have someone else’s memories?
May 18, 2018 Mountain Legacy Project - Scientists are using the science of computer vision to document climate change in the Rocky Mountains.
May 17, 2018 Cuckoo Bees - The surprising behavior and diversity of bees.
May 16, 2018 Mental Microbes - Growing up on a farm could help protect people from certain disorders.
May 15, 2018 Shrimp-Inspired Navigation - The mantis shrimp’s ability to see circular polarized light inspires an underwater GPS system.
May 14, 2018 Grey Hair & Immune System - A new study suggests that turning grey could be related to the immune system.
May 11, 2018 Dolphins at Play - Dolphins’ seemingly adorable antics may not actually be all fun and games to them.
May 4, 2018 Wind Temperature - Moving air feels colder than still air, but what does the thermometer say?
April 19, 2018 Neanderthal Dental Plaque - Dental plaque from ancient Neanderthals reveals that they used herbal remedies.