Spotlight: Shaundra B. Daily

Doctoral Student
MIT Media Lab

Shaundra B. Daily was born in 1979 in Nashville, Tennessee. In high school, an interest in being an agent for the Federal Bureau of Investigation led her to major in electrical engineering at Florida State University. But, she writes, “once I got to college, I realized that while the FBI was fascinating, what I really enjoyed was working with kids using technology.” After graduating with honors, she received a master’s in electrical engineering and moved to Cambridge, Massachusetts, to attend the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

She is now a doctoral candidate at the MIT Media Laboratory working in the Affective Computing Group. This group seeks to “give machines skills of emotional intelligence … and … to develop technologies to assist in the development of human emotional intelligence.”┬áHer main interests include interfaces that support affective (that is, emotional) development and technologically supported reflective practice. “Most importantly,” she writes, “I am the proud wife of Julian and mother to Layla.”

Feeling Machine

July 24, 2006

A new computer program addresses teenage girls’ emotional needs