Spotlight: April Savoy

Doctoral Student, Industrial Engineering
Purdue University

April Savoy grew up in a small town in southwestern Louisiana, “where Creole was our first language and cooking our trademark.” She excelled in school, graduating from high school as valedictorian and then earning a perfect grade point average at Xavier University as a computer science major. “The elders of the family assured us, my cousins and I, that we would have endless opportunities to be whatever we wanted,” she writes. “I was constantly told that I could grow up to be a doctor or a computer professional. Funny, my current career path has me becoming both with a doctorate in Human Computer Interaction.” She expects to earn her Ph.D. from Purdue University’s School of Industrial Engineering in 2007.

Savoy’s areas of interest include information design, applied ergonomics, pervasive computing, and assistive technology. Above all, she writes, “I recognize my responsibility as an engineer to make the world a better place by using new technology to solve the neglected simple problems…My aim is to bridge the gap of the digital divide and provide technology to those that need it.” Savoy is a David and Lucille Packard Fellow and a Compaq Fellow.

Gaming Information

August 7, 2006

Video games are chock full of information–story lines, character traits, and maps, to name a few. But is it all getting across to players?