Topic: Economics & Business

August 10, 2009 Early Life & Chronic Disease - People who were poor early in life have a biological tendency towards inflammation – which could contribute to chronic diseases.
July 1, 2009 Computer Composer - A new computer program can generate an infinite amount of original music.
June 2, 2009 Online Antiquities - Online auction sites have transformed both legal and illegal antiquities markets.
April 10, 2009 Bad Judgment Roundup - Dumb decisions made by smart investors can lead to crashes in the stock market, and Americans flunk basic science. To take the California Academy of Sciences science quiz visit:
April 3, 2009 Podcast - Why smart people sometimes make really dumb decisions, the neural consequences of not paying attention, and our complicated relationship with food.
December 5, 2008 Eco Plants Roundup - Researchers try a new approach to protecting tropical mangrove forests.
August 14, 2008 New Energy - A Nobel laureate says the key to solving the energy crisis is to take bold, risky steps and seek diverse solutions.
June 23, 2008 Frog Legs - Scientists estimate that the global trade in frog legs is worth about 50 million dollars per year.
June 6, 2008 Podcast - CO2's dangerous overlooked cousin, the origins of the southern hemisphere, why magnetic credit cards don't stick to the fridge and why so many white cats are deaf.
June 4, 2008 Magnetic Stripe - A listener asks why credit cards with magnetic stripes don't stick to the fridge.
May 8, 2008 Stock Market Hormones - Testosterone may make stock traders take bigger risks, leading to price bubbles.
January 4, 2008 Materials Roundup - Researchers test the strength of bamboo as a structural material.
December 14, 2007 Podcast - Science or Nonsense? Science confronts alternative medicine and vaccine myths. Also: Can we learn anything from violent video games?
December 11, 2007 Social Brains - A new brain study shows that comparing your own financial situation to someone else's can affect your well-being.
November 30, 2007 Fuelish Roundup - Low grade, high-sulfur bunker fuel is deadly to wildlife and humans. So why is it still in use?
November 20, 2007 Bus Schedule Math - Engineers have developed a mathematical algorithm for optimizing bus schedules.
October 26, 2007 Podcast - Chewing gum that's not sticky. Worms and bacteria team up. Some very hairy genetics. And more.
October 23, 2007 Non-Stick Chewing Gum - A non-stick chewing gum may eliminate some major cleaning headaches.
October 12, 2007 Podcast - Whale-inspired windmills. Tracing the origins of a killer asteroid. Using vowels to sell. And more.
October 8, 2007 Meaningful Vowels - Vowel sounds in product names may imply what kind of product they're best suited for.
September 11, 2007 Chicken Diet - Special diets are helping curb the environmental impact of chickens.
September 5, 2007 Opinion Repetition - Hearing one person repeat same opinion is surprisingly influential.
June 29, 2007 Energy Roundup - Power could go wireless, and sound could be made into electricity.
May 31, 2007 Ceiling Height - The height of your ceilings can affect how you think.
May 18, 2007 Podcast - Grilling could take a toll on your health, smarter doesn't equal richer, an infection could help prevent asthma, a step toward fusion reactors, and the closest living descendants of dinosaurs.
May 3, 2007 Choice Curve - It's not always good business to offer too many choices.
April 25, 2007 Celebrity Endorsements - Celebrity endorsements may not work as well as companies thought.
April 23, 2007 Fab@Home - Devices called fabricators are making the leap from factories to homes.
March 12, 2007 Car Rattling - Scientists are trying to get the rattles out of cars.
March 2, 2007 Podcast - Using ultrasound to find expensive wood, how cheese is helping to fight a tree fungus, the connection between prostate cancer and a lack of male sons, the division in your brain, and the secret to a ultra-white beetle.
February 16, 2007 Podcast - Where insects go in winter, winged dinosaurs, fish that cannibalize their young, calculating the value of polio vaccinaton, and mining can cause earthquakes.
February 6, 2007 Sitting Up - Sitting up straight may not be such great advice after all.
December 8, 2006 Podcast - Your birthday greetings to us, hopeful news about malaria in Africa, robots that can recover from injury, news about Neanderthals, the truth about lie detectors, and money brings out the best and the worst in us.
November 3, 2006 Podcast - Kids on caffeine, prairie dogs in love, trading shoelace tags for gold in 15th century Cuba, how aspirin shrinks tumors, and a boy who can play video games with his mind.
October 27, 2006 Podcast - Cycles in the Earth's orbit and tilt may cause extinctions, what got the Oracle of Delphi high, why farming salmon hurts their wild cousins, the masculine face of compulsive shopping, and the health benefits of smoking bans.
October 25, 2006 Smoking Ban - Although smoking bans are controversial, new evidence of the benefit to bar workers is strong.
October 20, 2006 Podcast - The truth about star naming, a practical plan for getting rid of fossil fuels, imitating gecko feet, worms in your diet, and why we have a bias against foreigners.
October 19, 2006 Fossil Fuel Switch - A new study shows that we can wean ourselves off of fossil fuels faster than we might suspect.
October 13, 2006 Podcast - A fabric that detects biohazards, an excess of men, the cost of a year of life, stopping train derailments with lasers, and the rising number of venomous fish.
October 10, 2006 Health Care Costs - A new analysis suggests the rising cost of health care may be relatively cheap.
September 7, 2006 Patient Payola - Some drug companies pay doctors to find and keep patients for clinical trials.
August 18, 2006 Home Genetics Roundup - A government report says genetic tests offered for home use are often not reliable.
August 11, 2006 Podcast - Cars that communicate with each other, reasons to get rid of the penny, improving the information in video games, chubby hamsters help with obesity research, and why snow is white when water and ice are clear.
August 4, 2006 Podcast - An evolutionary reason for morning sickness, fibers that act as eyes, a South American culture that puts the past ahead, Wal-Mart's economic impact, and new insights from Darwin's Finches.
August 1, 2006 Wal-Mart Effect - Do Wal-Marts help the economy, or hurt it? The debate continues with this new research.
July 21, 2006 Podcast - How humpbacks size up a school of fish, a marine tracking network, replacement retinas that work like the real thing, a sniper-detecting robot, and the hidden costs of rough roads.
May 5, 2006 Podcast - Emailing in your sleep, a lost planet, the risks of marketing remedies, a laser that zaps fat, and new developments in nanotechnology.
March 24, 2006 Podcast - Baby's ear for language, the effects of streams on salamanders, what kids do online, how marital stress can be bad for your heart, and a computer that picks perfect employees.
March 10, 2006 Podcast - What makes a song popular, spite in chimps, the up-side of parasites, the physics of cracking, and fighting flesh-eating viruses and tuberculosis.
October 11, 2005 Fuel-Saving Speed - With prices at the pump so high, one listener wants to know whether driving slower saves gas--and money.